Чудеса и магия существуют! | Пока не попробуешь, не узнаешь.
Еще один вариант перевода превью 3-его фильма Мадоки.

the preview starts with the camera panning across rubble with painted figures of each of the magical girls
Homura (narration): Witches-- Those are the disaster "demons" (lit. "Magic users") who spread despair. And, the magical girls who have fallen into despair, and in the end, are reduced to a cursed form. The me living then, repeating the same time over and over, to fight against that cruel fate. And finally, a lone girl's sacrifice, therefore cutting the cruel chains of hope and despair, expectantly guiding the world to a new truth. ...or so it would seem...
actual clips from the third movie
Mami talking to someone off-screen with a cautious grin on her face
Mami: "Don't think of following me..."
we see Mami and Kyouko in their magical girl forms in a parking lot(?), weapons ready
Mami: "...or did you come to fight..."
Kyouko running through the street, talking into a cellphone
Kyoko: "Shizuki Hitomi's nightmare...?" (ED. Note: the earlier translation seemed to indicate that Hitomi's so-called nightmare found a physical manifestation, but now I'm not so sure, considering there's no possessive marker. Then again, it must be important enough to mention in the preview.... Animerican-Redeemed 06:14, 14 October 2012 (UTC))
Sayaka in her school outfit(?), nervously grinning
Sayaka: "Hitomi must be having trouble, huh. She made that insensitive guy her boyfriend and..."
Kyuubey's face
Kyuubey: "Exactly. It's just like the value/ability of the witches you explained once, huh."
Kyouko, with her back turned to the screen
Kyouko: "Calling me an 'idiot'... That's... not what you're doing, huh..."
she shaft-head-tilts toward the screen, with a serious look on her face
Kyouko: "You're... serious, aren't you."
Kyuubey is shown with something reflecting in his eyes
Homura (narration): "Nothing but sadness and hatred repeat. In this word that cannot be saved..."
closer inspection reveals the reflection to be Ultimate Madoka's silhouette in the starry sky
Homura: "...the hope to chance upon that dear/missed smile once again..."
Ultimate Madoka's silhouette reflects in a shaft-head-tilting Sayaka's eyes as well, in space(?)
Madoka: "Sorry to make you wait. Until now, you've continuously done your best, haven't you~"
Homura's face, surprised
Homura: "...Madoka..."
the actual silhouette of Madoka, but she's on a rocky, moon/asteroid-like rock formation surface now, possibly in front of Homura
Madoka: "Okay~ Let's go~"
coming 2013 screen

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